For All Walks Pet Care

Your Care When You're Not There

I am a committed pet caretaker, serving the Durham Area.  I am a Triangle native, having spent my early childhood exploring nature and befriending neighborhood pets in a Raleigh suburb before moving to the small town of Pittsboro with my family.  There I had even more nature to explore and finally had my own pets to dote on.  I have volunteered at the NC Zoo, worked in a pet store, and at a veterinary hospital.  All to follow my passion for creatures of all varieties.  I have learned the ins and outs of daily care for most common pets, and quite a few uncommon ones as well.  I have learned how to tell when something isn’t right in an animal, even though they might try to hide it from us. 

I adore pets and learning about them, and would love to talk about your pet!